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Hello and welcome.  This is the official blog of Thomas J. Black: independent author and professional blind guy.  That’s just a little joke of mine, and I tell it all the time.  It never stops being funny to me.


Some people may remember my older blog: a chaotic jumble of thoughts and music reviews by the name of Egyptians Like Triangles.  It lasted five years, had a pretty decent following from 2012-2014, but I noticed the popularity declined significantly, and I was needing to save money.  The hosting service I was using at the time jacked up their rates, and I couldn’t afford to keep it anymore, so I decided to shut it down.  In hindsight, I kind of wished I’d made backups of all my old music reviews and rants, but at the same time, a lot of the latter were showing their age, so I’m not really that disappointed.


For now, I don’t see myself posting any more music reviews here.  ELT was kind of a music blog that eventually became an author page, which then became my extremely passive-aggressive angst towards having to hunt for literary agents that were more interested in the next 50 Shades of Gray than anything I had to offer.  Then in 2016, I learned I could just do it myself for free on Createspace (although the cover will most likely look like shit), or Kindle Direct.


This is going to be more of an author blog.  I tend to post a lot of progress reports and small tidbits on my facebook page, which by the way, can be found here:”>


I’ll probably post larger rants and essays and the like here.  Also, I finally have a place to direct people to now when they ask me for a website on Facebook, so that’s also great.


Look forward to putting more here.  Hope you’re looking forward to reading it in turn.  Till next time


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