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Back to the Libertarians, I guess

I’d always known about libertarianism, but I never really put a whole lot of stock into it until around 2007 or so.  The first time I heard about the libertarian party was in 2004.  I can’t remember the candidate’s name from 2004, but I distinctly remember hearing he got thrown in jail a week before election day.  Supposedly.  I don’t know, I was kind of caught up in voting John Kerry that year.  Oh don’t look at me like that, We wer all stupid when we were young, fresh out of high school, and convinced there were only two choices.  Three if Ross Perot was involved.  God I miss that guy.

I grew rather fond of the philosophy when I read more into it, and even declared myself a libertarian that same year.  Then the tea party came along and ruined it for everybody.

People were telling me that the tea party was a sort of gateway for libertarians to find their way into congress.  It worked for Rand Paul, after all.  Unfortunately, it also saw lunatics like Ted Cruz get the nomination.

I don’t care what anybody says, I’m fucking grateful to god almighty Cruz didn’t win the republican nomination.  I truly believe Cruz would’ve been WORSE than Donald Trump.  I’m not saying I support Donald Trump, or that I like Donald Trump, or even that I’m not convinced that there’s probably a very special place in hell reserved for Donald Trump, but I’m kind of glad the lesser of two psychotic mongoloids won over on the republican side.

People like Ted Cruz, the Koches, Sarah Palin, etc, were all identifying as libertarians, and suddenly, I didn’t feel like I belonged.  I believe in the libertarian cause when it comes to things like gay marriage, the right to own guns, legalizing weed, etc.  I just can’t agree with people when they talk about welfare as “a program designed to breed loyalty to tyrants”.  I’m not proud of the fact I have to collect disability pay, but the way the economy is all over the country, the fact Sam Brownback is thoroughly sodomizing the state of Kansas on a near daily basis, and the fact an alarming amount of people aren’t all that willing to hire blind people (in some cases, it makes sense, but in others…), welfare is literally the only way I can afford to pay my bills.  You’d be amazed how much I spend on a weekly basis just getting to work.

I also couldn’t agree with the tea party in the slightest over things like The Affordable Healthcare Act, better known as Obamacare.  On top of my current situation, I also come from a family that has thoroughly been buttfucked by insurance companies who say they’re going to help you, but then immediately find excuses to not only NOT help you, but jack up your premiums right afterward.

Semi-related note: Handcock is fucking horrible, and if you have an account with them, change it.  You’re better off with literally anyone else.  In fact, you’re better off declaring “fuck it”, and going uninsured for the rest of your life, dealing out $300 a year or whatever the penalty under Obamacare is for going uninsured than ever using Handcock.  You’re literally better off getting “oops insurance” from mafia racketeers than with Handcock.  Trust me on this one, Handcock sucks, and you’re doing yourself a favor by not only avoiding them, but encouraging all your friends and family to do the same.

Okay, back on topic.

2013 was the year I severed my ties with the libertarian party.  I still agree with some of their philosophies, but found that The Justice Party suited me better.  Does this make me a progressive?  Or is a friend of mine right in remarking I’m a “leftbertarian”?  Hell if I know.

Like many people on the left, The Justice Party fell in love with one Bernie Sanders, and rather than run a candidate of their own, they decided to cast their lot with Bernie.  It’s not hard to see why they like him.  Dude’s got charisma out the wazoo.  You’d think it weird that a former libertarian decided to devote his donation dollars to a campaign led by a loud and proud socialist, but here we are.

Really, it speaks VOLUMES of just how fucked up this country is when the only one making any god damn sense in this glorious capitalist society that loves its capitalism is a socialist.  I’m not going to pretend like I know everything about everything, but at the same time, a lot of the things Bernie wants to fix are things I’ve been saying need fixed for years now.  And I’ve realized that minimizing the government to the size of a peanut is only going to result in Corporate America running even MORE hog wild than they already are.

It’s just too bad Bernie has literally no chance of winning right now.  Seriously, it’s the most depressing thing in the world to admit out loud, but it’s looking more and more like Hillary Clinton is getting the nomination.

Hillary VS Trump is like Triple H VS Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania32: nobody wants to see it, neither individual has any likeable qualities, and we’re being forced to choose between these two by the establishment instead of getting the next Daniel Bryan or someone who actually deserves the spotlight like we want.  There’s petitions urging Bernie to run as an independent, but trust me, if Ross Perot couldn’t succeed, I can’t say I’m confident in his chances.  Others are saying he should join The Green Party.  Shit, why don’t you just ask him to drop out of the race?  Last I checked, The Green Party’s motto was “We’ll lose for sure”.

So yeah, the champion of the progressives is on the verge of falling.  I suppose stranger things have happened, and he might win, but for arguement’s sake, let’s say he doesn’t.  Now what?  I’m not voting Hillary.  I’m not voting Trump.  I’m DEFINITELY not voting Bloomberg (assuming he’s even in the race still).  The Justice Party isn’t running a candidate this year (as far as I know anyway), so that’s a moot point.  While I’ve only recently found common ground with Ralph Nader, I still don’t see myself voting for The Green Party.  Especially if Jill Stein is running again.  So who the hell is left?  Near as I can tell, the only option left is Garry Johnson of the libertarians.

Not going to lie, it feels kind of awkward coming back home to the libertarians.  I still don’t agree with their stance on welfare, or the affordable healthcare act…  There’s probably other points we clash on nowadays, but I can’t think of them right now.  This must be what it’s like for the black sheep of the family to come to a family reunion and have to face up to his own idiotic decision making.  At the same time, though, what other option is there.

I suppose I could just flat out not vote, but then I lose my right to complain about the neoconservative warhawk in democrat clothes, or the hatemongering lunatic with stupid hair winning the election.  Anyone who says your vote doesn’t matter is either stupid, or they’re trying to talk you out of voting because they think it’ll give their guy a boost.  Even if you vote third party like I have since 08, you’re still telling the establishment that you’re not interested in the duopoly.

I’m afraid this is the year I have to swallow my pride, and try to mend some bridges I thought I’d burnt years ago.  Never say never indeed, am I right?


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