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Gael Has Arrived!



By day, she’s Roisin O’Malley: housekeeper, College drop out, and failed Olympic gymnast.  By night, though, she dawns the mask, and becomes Gael: vigilante, and Sapphire City’s most famous woman.  As Gael, she has one mission: to dismantle the criminal empire that ruined her chances at competing in The Olympic Games, killed her best friend, and had her gymnastics coach assassinated.  Dan Adelson: billionaire tycoon, and criminal kingpin extraordinare, won’t go down easily.  Furthermore, the police seem a lot more interested in arresting Gael than they are in arresting any actual criminals for some reason.  Will her mission succeed, or has she vaulted into disaster?

This book is currently available in Ebook format.  I was hoping to have the Ebook and paperback available at the same time, but there has been some…  Complications.  I really fucking hate Createspace’s cover system.  The paperback version’s probably not going to be as pretty, but at least this time I have a picture.

If you want the paperback, you might have to wait a couple days to sort it out.  In the meantime, you can pick up the Ebook at this link right here.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  And I’m not saying that to be corny or whatever: I really did enjoy writing this book.  I don’t know if it’s the shift from backward dark to fun superhero story with maybe just a pinch of raunch, or if life in general has been looking up lately, but man, I really did enjoy this project.  I’m already plotting out the sequel as we speak!

Pick up your copy of Gael today, and see if it’s worthy of the hype.

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