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Onward to Gael Book 2!

Well, it’s been fun promoting.  And I don’t usually say that with my serious face on.  Either I’m doing something right with Gael, or…  Uh…  Something else.  All I know is I actually got royalties for the first time since I started putting my stuff on Kindle.  My likes on Facebook have practically doubled…  Although going from eight to fourteen or fifteen isn’t exactly all that spectacular to many, but still, it’s progress!  I’ve also found a few places to promote myself.  One ended up rejecting me (along with giving me a heavily numbered list with numbers under numbers for why), but I still have some ideas for promotion.

However, there comes a time when I need to get to the grind, and start book 2.  Yeah, I had a whole trilogy in mind for Gael.  And I plan on actually FINISHING this trilogy.  Sorry, Jade Blade: I didn’t expect Outskirts Press’ expenses to pile up like that when I published book 2.

So far, I have a couple of chapters written down that I will most likely edit the shit out of when the second draft comes along.  Unlike last time, though, I have about FOUR titles to choose from, and no idea which one to go with at the moment.

My working titles for book 2 are as follows:

A. Sorrow-Eater

B. Liferblock

C. Lifers Wear Orange

D. Camelbrook

I had an E. in mind, but quickly decided “Gael Goes to Jail” is extremely corny and/or stupid, and I’m not using that one.  Not even as a working titlee!

From there, I have no idea.

At this point in the process, I’m stearing away from A., and I’m not really liking D. upon reflection.  I like C., but I’m hesitant to use it on the grounds it sounds too much like that show on Netflix.  I could write an entire fucking article on how I feel about season 1 of that show alone, but I digress.

Any input you have would be appreciated.

I have no idea when book 2 will be released.  I had no idea I was going to be finishing book 1 in September.  Seriously, I thought for sure I’d be releasing book 1 in October at absolute earliest.  Either way, it’ll be done when it’s done, and I’m getting things done.

I look forward to presenting the finished product.


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