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Clinton Vs Trump: Whoever Wins, We Lose

It’s debate season over in the 2016 election, and frankly, I could not be more uninterested if I tried.  This is literally the single worst election I have ever lived through.  Seriously, even 2012 had the option of giving Obama four more years.  Not to mention the devil I knew wouldn’t fuck up every other thing he tried till 2014, so there was that.

I’m a libertarian for Bernie.  I make no apologies about that.  If being a libertarian who supported Bernie Sanders, then jumped back to the Johnson camp when I didn’t get Bernie Sanders makes me a retard, then sign me up for the next special Olympics.  I don’t agree with socialism, but as a co-worker once told me: “It really tells you how fucked up things are in our glorious capitalist society when a fucking socialist is the only one who’s making any sense.”

The democrats had every opportunity to give the people what they wanted: a charismatic, intelligent, well-spoken man with a lot of good ideas.  But instead, the blue party decided to fuck him over at every turn, and forcefeed their voters more of the same.

I fucking hate Hillary Clinton.  Even as a syckophantic, opinionless, “vote blue no matter who”, “a vote for Nater is a vote for Bush”, loud-and-proud democrat in 2004, I never liked Clinton.  In fact, it amazes me republicans hate her as much as they do: she votes like a republican, and supported a lot of republican friendly agendas like the defense of marriage act, and the war in Iraq.  But hey, I guess it’s a matter of “you ain’t one of us, so fuck you”.

The more I learn about Clinton, the less I want her in charge of this country.  She’s voted in favor of wars and coups, she’s supported very neoconservative-friendly legislation that takes away people’s rights, she’s supported trade agreements that take jobs away from the American people, she’s legendary for using plants in town halls, she’s the least transparent politician preaching the gospel of government transparency I can think of…  But hey, I guess she’s better than Trump, right?  Vote Clinton, or you’re a sexist, misogynistic pig!  Just like Trump!

I’m not a Trump supporter, either, for the record.  Really, what the hell can I say about Trump any other blogger hasn’t already.  The dude’s a cheeto-colored mongoloid who has no business being near that other potium.  The man is so unbelievably incompetent, no wonder the whole “It’s all a work to get Clinton into the white house” conspiracy theory sounds legit.

People are telling me over and over again that this is the most important election ever.  Yeah, uh, no.  I have literally no investment in this election.  I haven’t since June.  No matter who wins this election, America loses.

I have said I supported Garry Johnson, but honestly, even I think the man has no chance in hell.  Not necessarily because he’s third party, and third parties haven’t won a single election in The States since the 1860s, but rather, because the man has proven to be a disaster on the mic.  In his defense, I didn’t know where Aleppo was, either.  In fact, I’m not even sure I’m spelling it right.  Still, you want to be ruler of the free world, you may want to read a fucking geography book every once and a while.

I just want this election to be over with.  I don’t care who wins, I don’t care who gets the majority in congress…  For all I know and care, Jill fucking Stein could win the election.  All I know is I’m done.  Game over.  I quit.

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