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NEW PROJECT!: The Helen Tamzarian Papers

Earlier in the week, I mentioned I’d begun tinkering with a new project.  I also mentioned it doesn’t usually mean good things for said project when I’m working on something else right next to it, but compared to COLA, and The Grand Finale, this one is actually holding up so far.  Worst case scenario, I see myself taking a break from it when I run out of ideas, finishing Realm of the Warpigs like I probably ought to be, and coming back to it either when I’m done with Realm of the War Pigs, or till I acquire another spark of inspiration.

The second thing I’m working on right now is an idea for ANOTHER series.  I have yet to come up with a title for the book I’m currently working on, but the series title overall is The Helen Tamzarian Papers.

The story concept came to me while pondering one day: “What would the story of Superman look like if it was told from Lois Lane’s perspective?  And what if the Lois Lane character was a Hunter S. Thompson caliber trainwreck?”  Hense the original working title of Fear and Loathing in Metropolis.

Helen Tamzarian is many things: a journalist, a pill popper, an alcoholic, the worst representative of the bisexual community since Anne heshe, and an individual who probably ends up causing more mayhem and destruction than the supervillains.  She finds herself in the dead center of the power struggle between a corporate billionaire bent on world domination, and the superhero who wants to stop him.  When she isn’t drunk, or high, or getting into it with either the hero, the villain, or the paper’s newly hired photographer, she finds herself musing: “Which one is the worst: the one with countless billions and no moral compass, or the one with superpowers and a near psychotic dedication to morality?”

Admittedly, this probably isn’t the most original premise for a story in the superhero genre.  I don’t THINK anyone’s tried the gonzo journalism approach to this genre yet…  And if someone has, I’d sure like to read their work.

As much as I would love to make no guarantees, the fact I have an idea for a whole series, and the fact I’ve already got a good twenty pages of writing down might indicate this thing might actually have a future.

More on this as it unfolds.

And no, I haven’t given up on Realm of the War Pigs.  Worst case scenario, I’m taking a break on that one until things become a little more stable.  I’ve got to get my shit packed, I have to call numbers to get things switched on, and plenty of other stuff, and the last thing I want to do right now is read over my own scribbles and remind myself how much I hate my own work.  I’d rather just get the ol’ plot bunny out of the way.

Do people still say plot bunny?  What the hell even is a plot bunny?  No one ever explained where that came from.  I know what it is in concept, but where did it come from?

Whatever.  New project.  Enjoy it when I get around to finishing it.


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