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Do I REALLY Want a Twitter Account?

I’ve contemplated getting a Twitter for the longest time, but it seems like the more I think about it, the less I really want one.

I’ve tried other avenues of social media to promote myself or my projects, and have found the results…  Mixed.

I’ll try to keep my opinions brief (I could go on article long rants on each one of these individual services probably), but here’s the situation.

Currently, I use Facebook, and nothing else.  It was working pretty good when I started, and I have a following there.  I’m not one of those crybabies who’s about to whine and complain about FB censoring my right to freedom because they won’t let me shout and post racist shit on my profile while masterbating to pictures of Donald Trump and Pepe the Frog anymore, but at the same time, it pisses me off I have to “boost” posts to get any attention outside my followers.  Boosting, for the record, costs about ten bucks bare minimum.  Per post.  That fucking blows, I’ll agree.

I don’t use Instagram, because I’m not a very picture oriented person.

I don’t use Snapchat for more or less the same reason.  Also, everything I’ve heard about Snapchat sounds stupid.

I’ve played with in the past.  The site ITSELF insists you boost like Facebook, but if you don’t have money, you can accumulate boost points that act as money.  Don’t quote me on this, but I think one hundred points is like one dollar, and you earn fifty points for logging in every hour.  People can donate points, though I have no idea how.  So it’s got that going for it.

It’s just too bad that Minds was a bit on the glitch side when I used it.  The glitches were pretty minor things (IE, the profile pic would never upload), and whoever programmed the site labeled the buttons in the source code with descriptions of what the buttons LOOK LIKE instead of what they ACTUALLY DO.  For a screen reader user, that’s pretty counterintuitive most of the time.  “Thumbs Up” and “Comment bubble” are pretty self explanatory, I’ll grant you, but what the hell does “red circle” mean?  What the hell does “downward arrow” mean?

And of course, there was the community itself.  Again, this was over a year ago, and the Kekistan crowd seems to have dissipated down to the extremely diehards who haven’t figured out the joke stopped being funny months ago (assuming it ever WAS funny in the first place).  Back then, though, it was in full effect.  And for every let’s player, or indie musician with something interesting to show off, there was some dipshit posting his favorite pro-Trump Condescending Wonkas or Skeptical Black Kid or whatever memes are popular with the kids now.  Yeah, no thanks.

Still, even if the Kekistani are in full force there, Minds is still a better community than fucking

Jesus Christ,  I still can’t remember the last time I ever felt more unwelcomed in a community.  Granted, nobody actually declared social media war on me there…  In fact, they pretty much ignored me completely.  Which is probably the best thing I could’ve hoped for.

It’s one thing to be a conservative, and I realize everybody sounds like an opinionated asshole on social media, but good lord!  Every single person on Gab sounded like they had an agenda, an axe to grind, or were just pissed off at the world.  Was it really THAT infuriating you got banned from Twitter?  Seriously, you guys went well out of your way to build your own version of Twitter!  Seems like there’s no need to be so god damn amped up for war.

Bottom line: I’m not touching Gab with a fifty foot poll, and I still can’t believe a friend of mine suggested I try it out.  He does realize I’m a lefty, right?  The Gab crowd would eat me alive if I made more of an effort to post anything beyond Incredible Hulk memes and talk about the that year’s world series.

As far as I know, Twitter is the only social networking site I haven’t used yet.  And I’ve refused to use it for such a long time on the grounds that Twitter is fucking stupid.

I like to rant, as this blog may indicate.  The last thing I want to do is count characters, and divide one rant into twelve tiny posts.  Also, Twitter has NEVER been a shining beacon of intelligent conversation.  Need proof?  Donald Trump uses it all the time!  If I needed proof that Twitter is a waste of time and energy, that right there tells me everything I need to know.

At the same time, though, I’ve thought about getting one for business purposes.  I could use it specifically to promote my books, or my podcast that I haven’t done since May, or even let people know I might be streaming something soon.  Or any other possible project.  Hell, I might even use it to bitch about the net neutrality repeal and jack off to The Vegas Golden Knights like I do on Facebook!

All I really know for now is I’m considering it.  If I do decide to do it, I’ll post a link to it all around so nobody is lost.  Hopefully.  We’ll see.


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