Tom in army flannel


I’m an independent author.  Straight out of Kansas, or “Brownbackistan” as we apparently know it lately, I’ve had both the rural and urban experience.

I’m mostly blind.  I describe the amount of eye sight in my left eye as being “really really near sighted”.  Looking through my right eye, the only thing I can tell you is whether or not the lights are on.  This was the result of my right eye getting infected when I was eleven.  Most likely from pool chlorine if you listen to my mom, or from that pesky western Kansas wind if you listened to my paternal grandma.  In any case, I tend to jokingly refer to myself as a “professional blind guy”.  It’s a little joke of mine, and I tell it all the time.

When writing, I tend to not stick to a specific genre.  I’m very fond of fantasy and scifi, but sometimes, I like to write horror, or drama, or even humor.  Sometimes I like to build a new world from scratch, and other times, I like to set things in our world.  It really depends on how I’m feeling this project around.


I try not to be too preachy, but sometimes, I just can’t help but take pot shots whenever I can.  Politically…  I consider myself a liberal, although friends have described me as more of a left-winged libertarian.  A “liberaltarian” if you will.

My books can be found on Amazon.  Do a book search for the name Thomas J. Black, and I’m currently the second result on the list.

I also host a podcast by the name of Red Flannel Radio.  You can find it here:

It’s a thirty minute exercise in stream of consciousness that will either get you thinking, or make you want that thirty minutes back.  Won’t know till you check it out, right?

I’m always interested in other projects.  If I decide on a new project, guaranteed this is the place to come for information regarding it.