I’m an independent author.  Straight out of Kansas, or “Brownbackistan” as we apparently know it lately, I’ve had both the rural and urban experience.  I’m also a blind guy, although I have some eye sight in my left eye still.

I tend to not stick to a specific genre.  I’m very fond of fantasy and scifi, but sometimes, I like to write horror, or drama, or even humor.  Sometimes I like to build a new world from scratch, and other times, I like to set things in our world.  It really depends on how I’m feeling this project around.

I try not to be too preachy, but sometimes, I just can’t help but take pot shots whenever I can.  Politically…  I honestly don’t know where I stand anymore.  I consider myself progressive, but my closest friends who’ve heard my tangents insist I’m more of a left-winged libertarian.  A “liberaltarian” if you will.

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Not really sure what else to put here.  I’ll think of something, though.  Till then, hope that satisfies.  I honestly hate these “about me” pages: I never know what to write.