Want to know about the books I’ve written?  This is a good page to start with.  Here, you will find some general information about the books currently available for purchase over on  I’ll add to this page as new stories become available.

NOTE: this page is currently a work in progress.





Everyone thought they knew the story of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.  However, when a wounded oompa-loompa manages to escape, proving the existence of oompa-loompas in the process, interest begins to circulate.  Joe Conner: liberal columnist, Ted Branson: conservative talk radio host, Marcus Frey: libertarian YouTuber, and Yasmin Potter: communist blogger, all head over to the now abandoned chocolate factory in hopes of discovering the truth, but may’ve gotten more than they bargoned for.  Zombie oompa-loompas, the truth behind the deaths of the four brats, and so much more horror awaits them in this dark parody of a children’s classic.





Highfill, Kansas is a small town in the middle of nowhere.  Once, it was a thriving community full of opportunity and promise.  Then in 2003, the oil finally dried up, and it’s been all down hill from there.  Many people find themselves coming here, only to find that the once glorious town full of promise has become a graveyard for dreams and ambitions.  Not to mention everybody else’s individual problems as well.

Thus far, the main stories have centered around Jodi LeVay and her wife Gwen.  However, future installments of the series (when and if they’re written) may focus elsewhere in the town.






What started as an innocent enough three-day-weekend degenerates into chaos when Morey Murdock encounters a gigantic monster lurking out on his front lawn.  Terrified, he retreats to his basement, and tries to devise ways to get rid of the monster.  Sadly, not only do none of these seem to work, but the monster INSIDE is proving to be more of a threat to his stability than the one OUTSIDE.

Not going to lie, this is probably the single most pretentious thing I’ve ever written.  I’m not ashamed of it, though.  If absolutely nothing else, this one was originally something I thought was going to be a lot better than it ended up being.  If absolutely nothing else, publishing this one on KDP and Createspace alike showed me how to do so.

This book is in both KDP digital download for kindle and paperback.  Honestly, though, I’d go with the Kindle.  I wasn’t expecting the cover for the paperback to turn out to be any good going in, but the paperback ended up being…  A little less than adequate.  Still, if you prefer paper to digital, I won’t stop you from spending $10 instead of $1.  Just thought I’d give you my recommendation.






The first thing I ever self-published.  The Jade Blade Legacy is a series of fantasy novels following Xiaoling: an illegitimate child of the king, as she goes from lowest form of gutter dweller to the queen of her own land.  She must maintain balance, fight off the advances of The Kingdoms of Ruby, and that’s just the beginning.  Once the hausdarah (bloodsucking humanoids) and increasingly long winters start blaguing the land, things only get worse and more difficult to manage.

There were originally going to be tfour books in the series.  Book 3 has been in production since 2014, but unfortunately, other projects, as well as my dwindling faith in this series have led me to try other ideas.  Not to mention I got kind of burnt out on swords and sorcery fantasy for a while.  Perhaps one day, I’ll return to this series.